By beebeejaybee

Off to the Library 123 off to the library you and me

a little fitting for today’s post …… for those who either don’t have children or whose children weren’t born in the mid 2000’s it’s a Justine Clarke song……. think boppy, annoying and catchy children’s song (I couldn’t find it on YouTube)

so after 7 and a half years i finally took miss to join the library….. OK so probably more like almost 3 years since we moved and I finally joined the local library but hey

Miss was rather excited, I’d promised during the most recent flooding that we’d go, and well between finding a battery operated radio and iThing charger and doing a load of washing at mum and dads, it just didn’t happen (have I mentioned how I love living in a place that doesn’t get flooded in)

anyway, feeling like somewhat of a failure of a mother (miss assures me I’m not) for working so much that “ooooh I’ve never been in a library that you have to be quiet in before” finally happened (the school has an average enrolment of 11 she doesn’t need to be quiet in the library there)

we’ve been to the building before, a school holiday activity happened to be on a day I was off in the art gallery in the same building  but I never realised the parking was underneath. After filling in the appropriate forms I lead Miss past a couple of noisy toddlers playing with over sized Lego blocks to the children’s section.


She was most excited when she discovered Batman and Star wars in the racks and couldn’t decide which to borrow. despite being allowed to borrow up to 20 items, the library is generally out of our way(the joy of living at the junction of 4 council areas) and I’d rather not have to keep track of that many books.

I left her to read a little bat man while I Trawled the adult Shelves, I was looking for a particular book but, since it is currently a Television series I didn’t really expect it to be available, so I explored until I found myself in the family and local history section which I wouldn’t mind visiting on my own sometime, realising that most of the books you are interested in are young adult, is kind of depressing…. along with the fact that the “young adult” section is on the other side of the library with all of the HSC books …and that I’m not really supposed to leave my 7.5 year old alone.

So on my way back to miss I continued to browse the shelves looking for something  new… suddenly I spotted the title “Laura’s handmade life” I know I should never judge a book by it’s cover but with a title like that, and a mock collage cover how was I to resist.

After my little find, I had a look at the children’s audio books, knowing that Jeff had Just finished reading miss “the Magic Faraway tree” I spotted the audio book and thought it great for our driving around , explaining that it was abridged and what that meant didn’t help with certain lands being missed but we finished it within 2 days, Miss really enjoyed listening to it while she went about doing other things, or while we were driving

eventually she found the shelf containing EJ12 but couldn’t decide which to borrow until I pointed out that she could borrow both but they had to be back in 3 weeks

so after all of that we walked out with 5 items


2 EJ12s my book, the audio faraway tree and a last minute choice that proves you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover “who’s a good dog” which is a collection of poems relating to dogs


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