By beebeejaybee


we’ve been chatting a little about breakfast at work, as one does at 3am while completing mountains of paperwork and hanging for a meal break

Specifically the reaction of non-shift workers to our pretty terrible shift worker diets 

it seems we are somewhat unique in that out roster has us chopping and changing our hours all over the place, we are discouraged from working more than 3 nights in a row all in the name of fatigue management…… and despite my grumbling about the change many years ago it does actually feel better to only do 2nights in a week usually following 2 days

anyway a number of people a strict Grains or bacon and eggs for the sunrise meal (breakfast) and are shocked at the thought of consuming any other food like substance during that time of day (roast for breakfast anyone?)

but then if I finish my shift around sunrise having had a light meal earlier in the morning then go home to bed before waking up for dinner I would be breaking my fast with my family dinner, my current view of mealtimes is somewhat warped so that hungry+food+time = eat

yeah my nightshift eating habits leave a lot to be desired. apparently we should be eating more than 2 meals a day accompanied by numerous snacks 

someone broadly stated that western cultures (and I’m almost taking that to be limited among English speaking cultures) are the only group to have a select food designed for breakfast 

which leads me to wonder if this is so? and also where the revoltion of say last nights Chinese/ pizza/ lasagna/ roast for breakfast today comes from especially if you don’t plan on reheating it first 


One thought on “Breakfast 

  1. We still laugh about the time a couple of my very earnest uni friends were confronted by the site of Sir Reg in his jarmies and dressing gown, tucking into a plate of bacon and eggs with a beer at 8am. They were horrified – yet though nothing of going for drinks after uni. Neither of them could see that there was absolutely no difference in him having a beer after finishing work at 7am and them having a wine at 5pm. They (seriously) wanted to do an intervention.

    Me? I’m a massive fan of fruit crumble for breakfast. It’s just like toasted muesli with stewed fruit and because it’s breakfast, I tend to have greek yoghurt with it instead of cream or custard. It’s goooooood.

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