By beebeejaybee

Podcasts, Books and the like 

Lately I’ve been listening to podcasts on my way to work, I found the radio programs I like the most at first, but soon ran out, one is daily and the others are often weekly or biweekly 

last week through “download this show” a program about the latest in technology I discovered “Science Versus” a program about science and Fads, and from science versus, “Rum Rebels and Ratbags” a History program often relating to Australian history 

I have discovered that despite not particularly liking history in High School I now have a great interest in such things….. especially when it comes to the development of Language, to the point I have considered looking into linguistics 

and so a little search of The History of English turned up a podcast named “History of English Podcast” 

at first I was a little disappointed to find the voice of the Podcast was American (sorry Kevin) but that didn’t last long when it turned out to have a decent straight forward history, not at all dramatic as American documentaries have been lately but the simple facts and information 

this has been marathoned over the last week, I’m up to episode 23  plus the two bonus episodes. I’ve discovered that I Zone out completely when I start thinking too much, sometimes I miss bits and deal with it. others I rewind back to the last I remember 

I’ve also managed reading more lately, also known as procrastinating, I’ve completed Christine Feehans “Dark Carpathian” series and I’m waiting for the next book due in September. and Nicky Charles Law of the Lycans, not sure if there’ll be more on that series, but the last book was my first ever preorder on iTunes 

Right now I’m reading the “iron Fey” series, it took me a while to get into but it is a good story, I’m enjoying it 

I’m hoping to join the library next week they have a great digital borrowing option which being in a council that covers a large Rural area is a great idea, somewhat easier than having a mobile branch also considering the number of residents who travel to the city for work every day 

hopefully that will also add some audio books to my options for the commute when I run out of podcasts again 


One thought on “Podcasts, Books and the like 

  1. There is a documentary on you-tube (8 part series I think) about the history of the English language. I loved it! SO fascinating!

    I might have to hunt down some Australian history podcasts. I love history!

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