By beebeejaybee

Skirt sewing Sunday 

I skipped this weeks #saturdaynightcraftalong in favour of spending time outside by the fire drum and chatting to miss while she splashed around in the bath

Sunday we had big plans that just weren’t going to happen after a late night and a three in the bed night the night before, and so I sewed 

two Bristol skirts from the floral issue of  Seamwork magazine 

the first I followed the guide to use light weight fabric, with a lovely floral print Voile

the second well I really miss having a denim skirt and found this fantastic textured denim at Spotlight, that I have been wanting for ever  

 I lined the pocket with the floral voile and used plain denim for the front 

  I’m quite happy with the way it turned out, though sooner or later I may need to add belt loops 


next miss begged for a skirt  too

  after chasing her away from the fabric I have earmarked for blouses she picked out some farmers market I had laying around forever 

she helped with the sewing and we made a lazy days skirt ….. but with the ribbon on the inside because it’s been a while 

she is very happy with it, I guess that’s the important thing 


One thought on “Skirt sewing Sunday 

  1. I been missing my denim skirt too, so bought a long one the other day.
    Can’t sew at all despite all my dears mums efforts to teach me….

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