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under pressure

I feel a lot of pressure lately from everyone and everywhere, 

  • pressure to spend time doing stuff away from home, some self induced others from family and friends
  • pressure to spend time at home 
  • pressure to spend time at work (which admittedly I get paid extra for but still don wanna)
  • pressure to perform
  • pressure to further my career 
  • pressure to do more around the house 

sometimes I just might explode 

I really want to just find myself a desert resort island with hammocks and tropical fruit juices served by the pool ….. you get the picture 

instead I find myself ticking the boxes and getting on with it 

last week I got a step closer to a role I’d eventually like to have…… I’m still not sold on the day shift thing but for the moment I’m in the relief position and that should give me the experience to know if I actually want to step up 

then there is the general pressure relating to working in a high pressure environment……. our team has been split up because it’s the only one meeting KPIs and each of us has been given the directive to to push our new teams up to the level ours was…… no one wants to hear that we are only good at what we do because we aren’t all leaders, we each know our place and what to do. while things were always bound to change with the reform and various people skipping off to various jobs this is something entirely different bringing a whole new world of pain 

then of course the constant pressure to be at home to volunteer for stuff that miss does, be it school or dancing or some other activity let alone the standard attempt to pull my weight around the house

lucky I’ve managed to squeeze in the odd bit of sewing or crafting or reading (I’ve started on the iron fey series) here and there.

I bought myself The mindfulness colouring book this week, just as something small I can pick up an do a little every so often I started the first page while chatting to miss in the bath which was kinda nice until she started splashing me…… yeah books in the bathroom with a child that can’t sit still   bathing…. great idea 


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