By beebeejaybee

a what? 

apparently it was a long weekend this weekend……


I had Friday and Saturday off, and some plans to start myself a new wardrobe 

Friday was busy, I washed and dried the fabric, I never prewash, but when the lady at spotlight warned that the cottons would shrink I decided I couldn’t afford to risk it 

Saturday was spent between watching movies with miss and ironing before dragging out the old overlocker 

and working on my first Aberdeen top from the Colette patterns Seamwork magazine, all of the patterns in Seamwork are supposed to be able to be made in an afternoon 

it needs hemming, I need twin needles  and there was a little incident with the blade on the overlocker that we won’t discuss , it’s slightly wonky but wearable, and not bad for a first run 

since it didn’t seem so late I figured it was time to start another piece, this time Astoria, from Seamwork floral edition , 

not using the overlocker this time it came together quite quickly 

again with the hemming and twin needle thing , but I’m much happier with the results, I think next time I will make it as a thinner top, this was double knit, while it is supposed to be a pullover it has a massive negative ease, making wearing anything under it all but impossible, it will be great with the coming winter as a general top 

by then it was rather late at night and I had to be up stupid early for a big workday, I’m hoping to line up this Thursday to start on skirts…… also considering (shhhh…) cutting 😳 into the paper patterns rather than tracing, mostly due to time constraints if I need another size and I love the pattern I’ll buy the PDF version so I can make myself as many copies as required 


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