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thinking about goals and fitness and the like 

Last night I had a session with my trainer 45minutes of focusing on form and movement moving progressively heavier ropes and bars and plates in various directions with an aim of eventually taking myself across a set of monkey bars at the 4k mark and a rope known as “hells gate” at the 8k mark, Even as a child I was never able to accomplish monkey bars….. ever

I’m attempting to give up my previous focus on body shape and size, though being closer to 70kg rather than over 90 would help my mission immensely it’s not about the size so much. I’ve found my focus shifting to what my body can do as opposed to what it looks like has been a huge boost, sure I’d like to get my leg press lower and I hate the way my waistband ends up all rolled over just from sitting or bending but the main thing is what can I do

and this is where a regular conversation with my sports chiro comes in, I mostly see him for that injury to my shoulder over, which makes fantastic progress for months then goes back again almost to the start, usually as a result of something I have or haven’t done 

He regularly suggests since I lift some serious weight that I go into strong man or power lifting type sports, The option is tempting though I don’t have the time to put into such things

anyway with my training sessions working more on form and less on weight for now, I mentioned the discussion about power lifting ….. “Would you like to start looking at that?” one question that has got me thinking 

and here’s where the crossroads lie, keep my training aimed at mud run/adventure racing and incidentally assisting with holding my own at work, or look at a new sport which probably requires more dedication than I’m prepared to put in at the moment 

the answer is obvious, I can randomly select more or less races, this year will be Tough Bloke and Stampede I can take part with minimal effect to work and as of next year I can drag miss along to tough bloke making it a family  friendly activity, this Year will be the decider for that, we have entered in the children’s version of the stampede 

but the thought is always there, I love the feeling of muscles working with effort sometimes at the limit of endurance knowing I can do it or even not knowing but discovering I can


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