By beebeejaybee


often my day starts before 5am, I leave around 5 for an 8 o’clock start, the local cafe opens at 5, they do the most amazing breakfast pie, think flaky puff pastry scrambled eggs bacon mushroom tomato with an eg cracked on top, seriously it’s better than it sounds, and when the owner is making coffee well you’re in for a good early morning “tradie” breakfast 

this week has involved a number of these delicious little beauties, complete with coffee and accompanying biscuit, sometimes it is the best time of the day. this week that was almost true, the only better time was getting home and to bed 

on Tuesday  rather than a training session we were rostered for, we went for a road trip this has to be the easiest day of the week, training days without training usually mean project work

Wednesday and Thursday  training new staff wile trying to stick to a deadline….. this becomes awkward as they wish to learn but we just need the job done 

Wednesday was also the day that the makers of Mad Max decided to make their promo, on the harbour bridge, pretty much stopping the city completely……45minutes to drive 12Kilometres….. need I say more 

Today after 2days racing the clock with trainees in tow, I requested not to be put with new people today as I was somewhat stretched mentally, another massive day, working mostly with experienced members of my team, not much less stressful as obviously this is the shift everything happens on, last minute repairs here, a lot of running, a quick drive to another repair…… Exhausted doesn’t even begin to cover it I thought I was in pain, both lower legs aching every step, lower back slightly sore

and then I remember that gym session I booked, ….. there was a new level of pain though this time entirely self inflicted, when the trainer offers 4 rounds of 10 inchworms or 4 rounds of 1 inchworm and lunge across the room 3 times ….. take the inchworms 

though it was pain, it does help, today’s running around while carrying over 20kgs of tools with only losing breath when I stopped moving shows that 

here’s hoping tomorrow night will be easier 


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