By beebeejaybee

A list for today 

I’m generally not a fan of lists, they mean I have a written account of everything I didn’t do that day 

but as I woke late today and everything hurts when I move. The chiro fixed my shoulder which seems to have regressed back to before I started treatment  yesterday, now the other niggles of a 12 day fortnight have come out to play 

I keep forgetting how physical my job is, Cue job search for relief positions and the angst in writing applications for an internal government Job brings. 250 words on my trade certificate… yeah sure ok….. um so I have one and I received it in xxxx isn’t going to cut it  😳

anyway back to that list 

  1. Relieve aches with hot bath✔️
  2. hang out washing ✔️
  3. warm up car✔️
  4. drain oil on car(Jack points you say….. what notches?)
  5. re lay invisible fence for dogs✔️
  6. change filter in car
  7. replace oil in car
  8. tidy living area
  9. put away and wash dishes

maybe I’ll come back and tick them off…. hopefully … we’ll see how much gets done 


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