By beebeejaybee


yesterday was ANZAC day I have worked the last I don’t know how many and haven’t been to a service or March since I left Guides.

this year I was on nights so heading out to the local March and service at lunchtime wasn’t a stupid idea.

  I’m glad we did, the new town memorial was finished just in time, with the bronze soldier placed in his little alcove only a couple of weeks ago

the park has water pumped out of it after the storms that ripped through Sydney and flooded many of the roads 

a Lone Pine seedling was planted nearby and as an extra obelisk was donated there is even a memorial to the animals 

it was the first bright sunny day all week, we were able to catch up with friends who had been flooded in 

but the biggest thing, was the sense of community, two local ministers lead the service, children from all of the nearby schools participated and a great deal was made of the generosity that allowed the ANZAC memorial committee to complete their goal without once wanting for volunteers or funds


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