By beebeejaybee

Just a general bad day 

so yesterday it all happened,

It started simply enough my well earned sleep in on my last day off before being rostered on again  was disturbed by the house phone ringing.

Our house phone only rings if its something  important or someone selling something.

It was the school, most of the teachers and some students were flooded in so school would be closed.

Highly inconvenient as I had both chiro and gym appointments plus grocery shopping to do.

I cancelled the gym appointment as its a small 24hr 18+ jobby and miss won’t sit anywhere for half an hour and since I was awake, I decided to take myself for a run as I keep meaning to.

On my return I thought about asking our elderly neighbour if She needed anything while I was out but decided to write my list first. The power had gone out while I was on my run, and the rain was getting heavy making me more keen to get out and about hoping the power would return before I did

The neighbours appointed community driver turned up while I was planning meals and writing the list, so I wouldn’t need to ask as she’d be going shopping anyway.

unusually the driver returned from the neighbours door alone, but instead of making his way back to his car he came to our door with sad news.

We are still both saddened that although she was seen the afternoon before there were things we’d been meaning to do for her, reasons we almost dropped in. we will miss her knowledge about random things and long conversations. Miss was most upset as they had a special bond and would chat over the fence for hours 

I went off to get breakfast with miss before my chiro appointment, which she was nice and quiet in while playing games on my phone 

Shopping was another thing altogether, first the shop had a power outage then, I’d forgotten that list so was working from memory, all miss could remember was ice-cream.

We did that shop and were on our way  home when we came across an RFS sign stating that there was a hazard ahead, followed by a que and a truck with its lights flashing.

I was given the option, take my chances with the little green beast of freedom crossing what looked to be boggy grass or turn back, and wait an hour 

I decided we’d have ice cream for lunch and turned back, before calling Jeff who with his better knowledge of the back roads suggested one that wasn’t likely to be flooded 

it took an extra 15-20 minutes to get home, on discovering the power still out we are the half melted ice cream and spent the afternoon in front of the fire trying to fill the bath with warm water as Jeff had been working in the rain all day and would be cold 

I managed to get about 2 inches of something resembling a warm bath by the time he got home, cleared the drainage system and brought in the ice for the freezer

Miss and I have spent today sourcing supplies like a battery radio, a power bank for the mobile phones, butane for the stove and a raincoat and boots for miss 

School is cancelled again tomorrow with Friday a strong possibility, hopefully we can come up with something productive to do for the rest of the week 


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