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Wardrobe Architect 

The Wardrobe Architect

I was browsing Instagram recently and came across this image which captured my imagination a little, it’s not what I wear but the idea of going through what I wear or don’t wear sorting the clothes I love from the clothing I wear because it fits hit me

so I went searching for wardrobe architect ideas based on the hashtag on the image and discovered one of my favourite pattern companies has a Blog that last year ran a series on building a more meaningful wardrobe, in other words a wardrobe full of things you will wear and didn’t buy because you love it but when will you ever wear it or it’s the latest fashion then when you get it home it’s just not you……. other people do that right? …. well of course they do there’s a whole blog series based on it.

So this week I started having a go at the worksheets as part of this years challenge

Week 1 is hard as it asks questions about what influences what you wear, in history, culture, family etc.

for me well, I grew up with a strong sense of being “proper” my great grandfather was a very strict man who expected his children to be the best that they could be despite the circumstances of their life…..and this filtered through my grandmother

when I left school and entered into a male dominated workplace I didn’t want to be seen as “the girl” so jeans and tees became the staple throughout.

when I met Jeff we did a massive amount of motorcycling so again jeans were every day everywhere 

now Jeff often points out looks that I love (often bordering between Goth and rockabilly) but don’t feel I could pull off with confidence 

week 2 is about feeling 

how do you feel when you wear your favourite clothing

Relaxed, Comfortable, free

how do you feel when you wear something not quite right 

self conscious, frumpy, saggy 

Who is your style icon

…… umm not sure I have one 

what styles do you love but are not quite you

Maxi dresses pencil skirts, super high heels

Choose 20 ideas for outfits…. mine are here it’s not a bad representation of my BC wardrobe plus a few dresses

week 3 I’m working on, it’s about shape

hopefully by the end of the year I’ll be able to work out a decent wardrobe that all gets worn in some stage or another


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