By beebeejaybee


it’s another round of nightshift starting tonight, I’ve backed out of attending today’s family event in favour of attempting to sleep.

Instead of sleeping I’ve been creating a couple of little somethings and wandering around the house deciding what to work on next. At last my mind is brimming with ideas and inspiration 

one constant in my thoughts is to start on a blouse or skirt, something for me, I recently took a count of my clothing, somewhat inspired by the 333 project that Esther took up, and partly just out of interest 

I have discovered that I have a ton of rough and tumble T-shirts and not much in the way of tidy out to the shops/lunch type clothing…. and if love to rectify that with me made clothing 

I’m also dreaming of a linen cupboard full of quilts and crochet rugs to keep us warm at night, we’ve taken the step of getting rid of the doonas in the house.  I’d like to turn some of miss’ Doona covers into quilts, I was thinking to just get some batting cut to the right size, inserting it into the cove and quilting, Jeff suggested perhaps cutting the seams and buttons off and treating the top and bottom as I would a patchwork quilt would have a better result. 

but for the moment there is that self imposed buying of craft supplies ban, which leaves me without batting or binding 

though I have plenty of fabric for clothing floating around I just need to find the confidence to get it done 


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