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Wild Colonial Girl 

I’m sure many have been there, the note comes home from school, a dressup theme day…… children may wear costumes or school uniform 

The occasion was a local history excursion. The area was largely built by convicts, so convicts and early settlers was the theme

I briefly considered finding a pale tracksuit and drawing arrows all over it

I also considered buying a costume on eBay 

and then the weekend before I realised I had 4 days off! plenty of time to get something together. I needed to visit the craft shop anyway. They had half price on craft fabric which was exactly what I needed, I picked up 2m of a small brown floral quilt fabric as a guesstimate, I had a sis boom Molly peasant dress in the longest length in mind, some leftover curtain fabric seemed a good choice for a petticoat  or apron and mop cap


and so it began. I quite like pdf patterns, no tracing.

at first I went with the skirt being half the width of the fabric….. I regret not sticking to that choice now but stuff wasn’t going to line up, so trimmed to the required width 

Somewhere along the line my machine decided to nest bobbin thread, or break top thread at any join more than 2layers so the old eBay special came to the rescue before I threw the “better” one through the wall this was slightly disappointing as I’d planned on using fancy stitches on the hem


once I completed the basics, despite the instructions to measure the child and hem the skirt before attaching the bodice (ever tried measuring a child who is craning to see the TV around you) I dragged miss to the table and pinned the hem there


 the extra fabric in the skirt would have made it easier to run and walk 

next up, the apron, since the skirt obviously wasn’t going to allow for a petticoat. After lots of trawling, the best I could find was a description of how to make an old time apron on the Burda style site…….. the photos were helpful but the wording confusing 

as I attempted to gather the curtain fabric…. it frayed and frayed I got frustrated and threw it in the corner 

I knew in amongst my Dear Jane stuff there were a few metres of calico which would be perfect


 remaking some calculations, the design was very simple with rectangles, squares and a little gathering. I forgot to hem/bind the sides and neckline so zigzagged some simple lace to the edges to finish 

I decided a bonnet would finish the outfit nicely, trawling the web for a simple pattern or tutorial I found this one which was amazingly simple to pull together.   I believe that the size could easily be customised if required 

after a full day of sewing I had this  

on the day, Jeff did the dressing, miss loved the pigtails and was very keen to get going 


here’s the back 




front  minus the bonnet 



One thought on “Wild Colonial Girl 

  1. OMG Bee!! That is a fantastic costume!! And your little lady looks adorable in it! I absolutely love it. It’s perfect.

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