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Finish it Fifteen ~ Chunky scarf

way back when we first moved……. perhaps a little after, there was a crochet Block of the week run by spotlight, the blanket relating to that is still in progress, though I’m seriously considering pulling it apart and using the lovely cotton yarn for another granny blanket as part of a craftsy class in joining crochet motifs I’ve taken 

anyway I fell in love with the basket weave block, it used a surprising amount of yarn but the effect for the small amount of effort required was brilliant……. it is quite simply (and I’m using UK/AU terms here) 3 trebles on the front post followed by 3 on the back post, then every 5th round switch front for back 


I’m not exactly how what transpired but somehow the result of a conversation had Car sending me several balls of Moda Vera “Shiver” because she’s awesome like that 

along the way My Sister in law saw my crochet and pulled out a bag of chunky yarn that had been intended to learn to knit with but she hadn’t managed to pick it up……. and so two more balls joined the party 

obviously the dylot being different is not ideal, but in this case it kinda works as the purple turns a little grey before going to black in the middle 

several years passed after it was started, occasionally another row added before the box got put away but I never really got that far with it

the last two weeks or so I decided it needed a solid effort, so every sitting moment was used even if it was only 3 stitches or one…… until late last night I finally ran out of the last of the yarn and sewed in the ends while miss read me Barbie Rapunzel . and it was done 


no more freezing mornings on the train for me, it’s so very warm and cozy 

now on to my next project  


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