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Shift work and life balance

especially when it comes to family life, if you don’t mind all of your friends being workmates or workmates being friends it probably works just fine but for those who would rather not just be social with those they work with and would like to spend time with family and non shift working friends well … yeah, its not easy

The most common question I’m asked at night or in the morning is “will you be home when I wake up?” and “will you be home when I get home from school?”Broken heart 

At least my roster currently provides some opportunity to be at home at the requested times we no longer work a full week of night/evening shift usually 2 days at a time, with a maximum of 3 making for a slightly better family life though I’m still frequently not around for dinner or asleep at breakfast. Lately on my pre nightshift days, I’ve been getting up a little earlier and making dinner.

Last week was an old favourite of my mums.She worked at a Chinese restaurant on a Friday night for a while, and dad was studying something with the classes also on a Friday night. aquick and easy meal for the children was required before the neighbour turned up to babysit. I have no idea what it is called or where she got it from but, it simply involves a tin or 2 of tomatoes (I always buy diced, she used whole) a fair few rashers of bacon (I think I used 5)roughly diced and and an onion or two cut coarsely, cook the bacon and onion in a pan until the onion is a little soft then add the tomatoes and simmer. This was alway served with Cheesy Pasta Spirals, I cooked some Penne and threw it into the pot at the end, for easy heating serving.

Jeff said he loved it, miss loved it, they both coated it in copious amounts of parmesan, bonus he didn’t have to cook

Today is another pre nightshift day, I am making Ham and Mustard Mac’n’cheese, it’s amazingly simple just adding ham, dijon mustard and garlic to the Roux before making the cheese sauce as normal its covered in grated potato mixed with parmesan rather than the usual breadcrumbs before baking to crisp the topping. Considering it’s designed for individual dishes, it’s quite handy for me to make my dinner for work at the same time…… I must consider this more often with these bake dishes, not having a microwave I tend to favour the Pyrex/Decor glass single serve dishes for food storage since it make it easy to heat at home for easy lunch or breakfast, or feed the small something simple while we eat something she doesn’t like (what happened to my spicy food loving baby?)

I hope this small thing gives some semblance of connection at the dinner table, I might not be there but my food is and it may be different locations/times but we are all eating the same dish


One thought on “Shift work and life balance

  1. OMG YES.

    I’ve spent most of the last 14 years living with a shift worker (until he finished work mid last year) and I’m now enjoying(???) the life of the partner of the casual worker. We/he had the benefit of working the same rotating roster of days and nights that repeated every four weeks. But it’s nigh impossible to organise a social life around working every second weekend. (I may or may not have used the “dreadfully sorry, Sir Reg is on night shift and I can’t get a baby sitter” once or thirty times though. This only worked until people discovered my kids are house trained and they started getting invited, too).

    Since he’s stopped working shifts, we eat together as a family almost every night. This has its own set of perils. My children have discovered how picky I am, and now get away with not eating all manner of things they used to eat. Cooking two meals to be eaten at separate times is one thing. Four individual meals is another all together. We’ve realised we miss some meals we used to eat together that the offspring don’t like, so we’re mixing it up a bit now and sometimes eating together later on.

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