By beebeejaybee


With the cooler weather finally arriving, I’ve finally found some inspiration to get crafting…… unfortunately this also effects the $0 craft budget for the year 

so last week on my Zombie day, I texted Jeff after a session at the gym, suggesting lunch

he wasn’t in a location convenient for lunch but requested I meet him with a snickers and an iced coffee 

I struggled to find a shop that sold both (seriously a charcoal chicken that doesn’t have chocolate for sale, what is the world coming to?)  

anyway the best I could do was the newsagent, which I figured around $6 worth of stuff on the card wasn’t going to happen so wandering around I spotted Mollie Makes, I’ve had the magazine before on a free trial on my phone, and I loved the cover so it joined the party 

………. now I need someone to talk me out of buying a weaving loom or a few blocks of fimo and some gold leaf and jewellery findings 

…….. someone? …..anyone? …… please?


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