By beebeejaybee · crafty stuff

Painting….. and reading 

I took a few weeks off recently, just for a break

I painted the house in not beige, and rearranged our main living room

I’d like to be able to put the lounge facing the window rather than against it….. but it doesn’t fit next to the fireplace

I was planning on making some good progress on all things crafty, but a severe lack of motivation won out and I spent much of my prospective craft time laying on my back reading iBooks.

my Favourite Author Christine Feehan has finally put all of her Dark books on iBooks, and despite Jeff’s frequent  jibes it’s not about the raunchy scenes, I often skim through those depending on my mood and reading location. I really enjoy the stories of finding love and the entwined relationships through the series, long lost siblings and parents etc

soon it will be cooler and hopefully that will lead to more motivation, sewing just isn’t appealing when your sewing space is 40°C + and well nothing is appealing when you are sweating standing still

this week I’ve run out of funds for buying books so went searching for good freebies, I found Nicky Charles this way

yesterday I discovered “The Game” Terry Schott, with a free first in series which I finished with a heavy heart late last night……. seriously, way to leave a girl hanging Terry, now I have to wait  to get the next book…. needless to say I’ve already read the sample

and so I’ve moved on again to apocalypse by Kyle West hopefully it will last until payday


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