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Finish it Fifteen

So I’m not sure I have 15 projects, or the time to complete fifteen so I’ll be aiming for 1 per month assuming I end up with 12 though some may need spreading over a few months depending on shifts and Life events, we have a few big ones for family this year

to start off there’s the Frosted pumpkin Once Upon a time Sampler, I’d planned to have it completed and framed for Christmas or Miss’ Birthday……yeah, stuff got hectic and I’m still on OCTOBER


This will be this months Project, Until the new sampler comes out that is

I am Carrying over from last year

  1. Fat Quarter Shop 2013 Designer Block of the month, I have 3blocks to complete then the borders, the quilting of it can wait till I get past my no Buy year
  2. SWOON, also have 3 blocks to make then borders, may need a couple of Fat Quarters to do that but I’ll see what i have laying around when I get to it
  3. Vintage Vertical Stripe, Started as a blanket for the Kombi I was going to scrap it but i did intend it as Jeffs blanket that will cover his ears and his toes and he’d like to see it finished
  4. The Verdant Pullover, I started making for me last year, kept miss counting stitches, perhaps I’ll work on it for winter this year
  5. Chunky Basket weave Crochet Scarf, should be quite easy to  complete i think I got stuck on which colour to work on in which order
  6. Goldilocks and the three bears Pillow ….. still deciding on wether to keep this or scrap it….. seriously, a white pillow for children Disappointed smile
  7. Random 12” blocks, I’m not sure I have the fabric to complete this, I’ll be saving this one until much later in the year
  8. Frosted Pumpkin Christmas Celebration Sampler, again had aimed to complete this for Christmas this year, I have decided to put it away until later in the year Like perhaps December, it’s hard to work on Christmas things after Christmas


Looks like I only have 9, I’m sure there are other things in there that need completing I’ll add them as I find them, I will also be starting the Frosted Pumpkin STORY TIME Sampler and the Fat Quarter Shop SNAPSHOTS quilt


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