Blog along · By beebeejaybee

Advent blog along day 22

what a day
it started out as an average Work day
a few jobs but later you’ll have to go to another depot to do a bit


you might as well take someone with you and after that job head to the city and check stuff out
so off we went got to the first job got it just about done, then the phone rang

you’ll need to head south after the city, drop by and pick some stuff up

into the city was a journey in itself, I thought this was interesting


I get the idea of dressing your car as Rudolph but the stockings are something else
I also spotted some Christmas trees attached to car windows

getting to the city doing a quick job then out to the depot for more supplies before heading south

I’ve never seen Port Kembla during the day, what I thought was old empty industrial land is actually a big harbour, we drove down the hill to wow look at that

we had around 45 minutes to do what we needed to there then on the road again


as we were driving the phone rang again
you need to go to Kiama to meet a set that is going to be blown out (taken out of service) if we can’t get it going

so a quick drive to Kiama it was,
Kiama is pretty much the end of the line for us it’s a pretty little town I wouldn’t mind holidaying there sometime

the hardest part of the day was going past the beautiful beaches


another rushed job and sent the train on its way before the long drive back

sometimes I really love what I do


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