By beebeejaybee

Advent blog along 14,15,16,17,18

well this week so far has certainly been eventful
Day 14
the week that was

complete with the dogs medical requirements

Day 15
was somehow a big day and a quiet one, some stuff happening in the city, first thought to be a terrorist attack had my workplace automatically step up to Extreme security mode until we knew more, getting home was an uncertainty, but by afternoon and the important people having meetings we were dropped back to high

Day 16
seemed the longest day ever, I had plans to go to the shops on my way home or the gym or both, in the end I just wanted home and be

Day 17
with my usual Pre Christmas stress kicking in I went to the Gym for a solid cardio session and after much debate about whether I feel well or not decided to take the night off, to just sit and be and spend some time crafting with miss

day 18
today is the first of 2 “staff development days” in schools across NSW
thankfully the company that runs the nearest Vacation care are on the ball with this and have activities planned for both days though are not open again until mid January….. because you know everything shuts for 2-3 weeks around Christmas
the discovery of the morning is that she has grown and not one pair of jeans fit properly….. hopefully this can be remedied over the next couple of days
thinking Christmas presents perhaps, we will see


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