By beebeejaybee

Advent blog along days 11,12 &13

so I was on nightshift for 2 days,

Day 11
pretty much involved sleep and work

Day 12
saw my run of chiro treatment finally move away from the shoulder and into straightening the hips….. The best bit about this is that my original shoulder issue that had been going around 2 years is almost gone, I imagine it’ll always be there but never as bad as it was
I also hit the gym and got back to the heavy leg press, working at 300kg
I finally finished the I on my Christmas sampler


Day 13
today I started S on the sampler then realised that the blue should have been pink, I’ll fix that later

we also hit the shops for a few things which was a nightmare
we traipsed through a couple of shops before deciding on Target then dealing with the lines and people…..and next year I’m starting earlier and buying online

I also managed a 1.85k run in the morning, I’m hoping to make a habit of it


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