By beebeejaybee

Advent Blog along day 8

Wow Monday already

Today saw the arrival of the first mail we’ve had in almost a week…… best of all it was a pack of diary stickers from Pipspalette

there was a massive storm just before I got home so the envelope was in a frightful state, happily Pip packages her stickers in plastic so they were safe and dry


this was followed by a race out the door to go to the last dance class of the year…. and meet “a real live ballerina” 😯

we saw a display of what they have been learning….. miss isn’t the most graceful dancer but she makes up for it with enthusiasm and effort 😊


it was a good evening and lovely to catch up with all of the local parents as we bustled around serving food then cleaning the hall

I discovered the best way to avoid the junk served at such events is to plant myself in the kitchen, I had one little egg pie and a plum


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