By beebeejaybee

Advent Blog along

It’s been a few years since I’ve had a go at this. I’ve never much liked Christmas, there’s always stress involved and most years I’ve been unwell

anyway, Now is as good a time as any to play along with My favourite Christmas Crazy Car I can’t guarantee it’ll happen daily there may be a few “digest” style posts like this one I may simply miss a few days due to my current favourite hashtag #shiftworkerproblemsSleepy smile


So Lets Begin with


Advent Calendar Went up as soon as I got home, while everyone was out at work or school, this year rather than chocolates I found a children’s beauty product calendar and used the contents to fill the pockets as miss loves things like lip balm and nail polish, though I suspect she just likes removing the nail polish by peeling it off


Tree Day …. the day the tree Goes up, never before the 1st of December, though if Jeff could he’d put it up at the beginning of November


This year Miss did most of the decorating and insisted that she would put the star on top “ALL BY MYSELF” …. I was hoping for a cute daddy lifting child to put the start on shot but , well Little miss Independence

We also installed the  first lights on our house the intention is to add to them every year until we are happy with them


I’m loving teh new Solar lights that are available, they automatically turn on when it gets dark enough and off when they run out of batteries, which assuming they get a good 8 hours of sunlight should be around 6 hours which really is plenty

the lights on our tree used to be our letter box lights but that”s another story

Day 2

Day 2 saw the bunting dragged out, it wasn’t much of a day…… I don’t think I suspect I slept most of the day

so the most creative I got was to turn the bunting I’ve been making for the last 3 years and lay it out, only to discover that 5m of binding is not going to be enough to hang it Sad smile


Day 3

Day 3 saw the old mailbox needing a spruce up. When we moved there there was a local Christmas Lights competition Houses that couldn’t be seen from the road could still enter by decorating their mailbox, despite decorating the mailbox we never actually entered the competition and the next year it was scraped but decorating the mail box was a fun idea and continued last year actually including the battery operated lights that found their way into our tree this year and this year….. More Solar (hey I’m an electrician I like lights and electrical gizmos)


and I kept forgetting to turn the lights off last year and went through many sets of batteries

Day 3 was also the day I realised that I needed to sync my new planner and my calendar with my two Phone calendars and known events for the next 2 months, I’ll share my planner Later don’t want too share too much about where I’ll be and when



Day 4

Today …. well today I slept and wrote a blog post for Advent Blog along but for the sake for something Christmas here’s a table Runner I made for the Sew Today, Clean Tomorrow Table Run along following Rachel’s Free Craftsy Pattern

table runner


So Hopefully I’ll continue tomorrow


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