By beebeejaybee

it begins…..

that time of year
first all of the things need paying, then all of the people need attention and of course random things break

and this year I realised that my moods really go haywire you know just random have a cry about nothing haywire

The weight of stress clings to me, my everything aches yet doesn’t

I really wish I knew where it came from , there really isn’t anything to stress about ….. and yet it is there

I’m thinking to throw myself into something craft for a bit or despite the entirely random aches attempt to drag myself out of the house in the mornings for a run …… and maybe have another look at my diet

speaking of which, I have been using my fitness pal for a few months, frequently staying below my calorie count, regularly making over 10000 steps in a day, and nothing, zip almost no change whatsoever I float between 92.5 and 94.5….. according to my fitness pal, I should be in the 80s by now talk about frustrating


3 thoughts on “it begins…..

  1. Doesn’t sound good Bee. Perhaps a trip to the doctor might be another thing to do, get a blood test and see if there is anything untoward going on? Getting your craft on sounds like wonderful therapy! 🙂 xxx Skipper

  2. It sounds a little like anxiety too – fingers crossed its not, hope you get whatever is stressing you sorted xxxx *mwah*

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