By beebeejaybee

When inspiration strikes, go with it

So last night we were sent road tripping at work, the agreement was that my workmate would drive out and I would drive back

halfway there I realised I’d forgotten my wallet and therefore my licence so probably not a good option to drive back

part of my problem with taking my wallet out and about with me is that it is massive


I’ve been thinking for a while that I need to find a holder that I can have my licence my train pass and induction card and perhaps a little cash or a bank card easily held together and fitting into my pocket, though the ideal would be to have two licences and two train passes one in my wallet and the others in my tool bag….. but that’s never going to happen

today it struck me that it wouldn’t take long to sew such a thing, a simple search for a mini wallet, failed to find what I was looking for

however the term card wallet gave me exactly what I wanted here

within a few minutes I was burrowing into my tubs to find suitable fabric, I picked an industrial heavy duty drill for the outer, some Ginger blossom for the interior and found a random unused hair tie for the elastic


the button left me in a bit of a dilemma as I realised I’d donated almost all of my random buttons to the school for craft

and then I found a chunky maroon one that was a spare for a jumper I no longer have

and within half an hour start to finish I had myself a tidy little mini wallet that should suit my needs perfectly



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