By beebeejaybee

Sometimes, Life gets in the way

there’s the job I applied for with apprehension and now have an interview for and I’m almost sure I don’t want

is it worth taking a forward career move that feels like it might be stepping backwards (to attitudes I stepped sideways from), or it could be a dying position, taking it’s last fight to keep itself around, for what some children get as their lunch money each week?

is it better to hold tight and look for something better that maybe coming up at the end of the year?

Do I really need to feel so guilty that my company car damaged someone else’s company car and it’s now in the hands of the powers that be?

It’s cupcake day at the school tomorrow, I already lined up extra hours for that day so can’t take it off

we need a new catch tank

I need to sleep for a week

That upcoming family wedding, what’s a girl to wear?

who gets married on Father’s Day? How do I make up for it not being his day? ….. crap …….Father’s Day, I have NOTHING thought of

I’m desperate to finish my current X stitch to gift to my Aunty/babysitter for the night


this is the progress so far

I need more hours in the week


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