By beebeejaybee

The Importance of sleep

So we all know sleep is kinda essential, I know if I have less than say 4hrs, forget about getting any sense out of me other than emotional drivel

and then there are the articles, like HereHere and Here

I’ve been a shift worker for almost 11years and frequently dismissed a lot of the sayings, suggesting that shift work caused lack off sleep which caused XYZ health issue. I always assumed that those problems were related to people and their lack of ability to set routines around their shifts, ie: we are taught in fatigue management that having a “going to bed routine” and a “waking up routine” is important in assisting your body clock to know what its supposed to be doing. We are also taught that eating the right foods helps a lot etc…. I witnessed many people who insisted on having “dinner” on night shift, hey I did it too at some stage but eventually learnt that my body doesn’t do well with a big meal in the middle of the night

this week has been a real eye opener to what a difference good proper Sleep can make

2 weeks ago I Hit a goal….. actually I passed that goal of 300kg Leg press and added another 20, I felt I could have added another 40 but for fear of causing myself damage (slowly slowly)
this week after a bit of worry and some stupid companies turned me into a blubbering mess last week I got back to training again,
this week started with 6am starts which means a 3:30am alarm, but frequently not getting to bed until after 9pm, in the interest of being social with my husband
you can do the math there

this week my first training session, had my legs quivering and threatening to cramp at 280 the second reached 300 but both felt tougher than before,
and so I’ve come to the conclusion that apart from missing a week the biggest difference was the lack of sleep

the same lack of sleep that saw me completely ignore the idea of menu planning,
saw me at the Gym with a dirty shirt I brought as a change after my shower …. and by dirty I mean I had had dinner spilled on it
and saw Thursday being spent mostly starting at the wall achieving next to nothing

this week I bought myself a fit bit, off eBay I trawled through the reviews manny complained that the calories don’t stack up or the steps are wrong, some complained that their calories in calories out approach using the fitbit as a guide was seeing an increase in weight ……. none of that is relevant to me, yes I’d love to get back to 72kg or less but I’ve decided my happiness isn’t worth that aim (thus the strength goals at the gym)
What I really wanted it for was the sleep and activity tracking. Even though we’re working our butts off at work, I still feel I don’t have an overly active job, if that proves to be true perhaps getting those last few lights to light up will give me the motivation to go to the gym or get out for a walk. the sleep side is the big thing, I often feel like I’ve been up all night or I just don’t get enough time asleep, so tracking what happens during the night perhaps not relying on it to be exact but as a guide can only help me work out what works for me sleep wise

so far I’ve worn it for 3 days, one included a gym session followed by nightshift…. yeah …. it was an active day, and night… today having slept most of it I already have 4 of 5 lights lit I suppose that disproves my thoughts on my non active job


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