By beebeejaybee

Hitting Goals

last week, I randomly took the week off, i just needed to have a break from going to work

and recover from tough bloke

I did almost nothing on Monday and Tuesday
Wednesday I had a session with the trainer at the Gym

we did the same stuff we usually do rope pull downs cable rows etc then onto leg press

a few weeks ago after realising I was now only 60kgs of the club record for female 1Rep Max of 300kg, as my standard workout weight, we discussed setting a goal for 300kg in 2months

on Wednesday day I did 280, the trainer was excited that I was only 20 off and it was the last set for that session

I felt the effort usually required just wasn’t there

I followed the session with walking around the shops until Jeff finished work and met him for coffee

I made another appointment for Friday, partly because motivation is lacking with not driving past the place every day and partly because there wasn’t much else I’d planned to do

on Friday the session started with my feeble attempt at pull-ups followed by a few sets on the assisted pull-up machine and the usual rope pull down
I mentioned that I hadn’t had sore legs after Wednesdays effort so we decided to give 300 a go

first warmup is usually whatever someone else left on the bars

this time was 80, I had to be careful not to bounce the carriage
next warmup was a more comfortable 160
followed up by 200 then 260
all sets of 12 reps
finally the last 2 plates went on and I had reached my goal but it really didn’t seem that hard, so I asked for 1more plate brining the total to 320kg
which finally felt like what I was expecting, like 200 felt like the first time I reached it


the above photo was taken from the trainers Facebook page

after that was taken half the plates were removed and I completed 8 drop sets each set another plate gets pulled off
and onto the next exercise

I’m pleased to have reached this goal we also have a goal of 50kg for pull down but I don’t remember the time frame for that one


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