By beebeejaybee

A return to Obstacle racing….. and a few lessons

last weekend I entered what seems like my first obstacle race in ages and quite possibly is

I’ll leave the write up to Obstacle Racers Australia

and throw my lessons here,

I broke the #1 clothing rule and wore short pants that left my knees exposed, I believe the obstacle that highlighted this is called plumbers crack, big concrete pipes the first on and angle up then straight through the second and down the third…… the only way to shimmy up is to use your knees as brakes to stop you sliding down ….. yeah…..

I probably need to practice running more, I’ve been really slack since over doing it almost 2 years ago, I really need to start back on the C25K program and get running again …… oh yes I can feel my legs, every little movement of them

I probably need to train harder and adjust my focus, lately my training focus has been based around rope obstacles as in climb the rope ring the bell, but tough very few actually have these type of things, tough bloke has the notorious ‘Hell’s Gate” which is a rope traverse that (I have yet to conquer ……CRAMP) but no up the rope, they do however have much in the way of over the wall…. I must master pull ups for this I think and also perhaps some Abs work….

and my final lesson, I must lose that weight, I am a whole 20kg heavier than I was last time I entered this event, while I am working on not living out of the vending machine at work (hello meal replacements) I think throwing myself a little more into training and running will make a huge difference, as will yet again giving up alcohol and saving it for special occasions rather than no work tomorrow

now excuse me while I go and torture my legs a little more


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