By beebeejaybee

Sometimes… something wonderful happens

On a weekend when I found myself wanting to step away from the world the 3rd of 4 weekends worked in a row Jeff concerned I was hiding myself in my phone all the time.

Stressing because it’s That time of year when everything is due for service and rego and repair and I’m about to have to pay for a course on top of it all right now.

All topped off with a nice dose of the usual hormonal hell that comes with lack of sleep and too much not being home. I just didn’t want to be anyone, anywhere , anytime

and then

I finally had a day off……..


I loaded the child onto the bus, after sleeping until the absolute last minute had my breakfast, Made up my pre-workout solution and trundled off to the Gym

I chatted to our neighbour on the ferry as we crossed the river, the trials of a long commute and nightshift, how the maccas on the way home has terrible coffee, but it gets you home better than Snoozing in the car does, how nice and sunny it is on the other side of the river from where we live

20 minutes or so in to my journey I chugged the both,nice and vile tasting Blue Razz flavoured Supplement happy that it is easier to swallow than the one I was using a few weeks ago…… that just didn’t go down without gagging, not fillers is all good if you can swallow the stuff

In the Gym a session with the trainer, first up Leg press, it’s almost routine though we haven’t used it for a couple of weeks “this week” he says “we are going to break your personal best” ,”as long as it doesn’t break me” I replied ……. 10 minutes later and I’m pushing out 260kgs in sets of 10….. yeah broke the 250 without cramping once

Buoyed by the new best or perhaps it was the pre-workout, I did another half hour on my own after our session, nothing like exercise and sleep to improve ones mood

This fortnight I started using my Kikki-K meal planner rather than having the one 12 week plan for ever, tear out shopping list in hand I trundled around the shop, picking up this or that from the list, I’ve learnt to keep my list vague, rather than listing all of the vegies I need for Sundays roast, I simply wrote Roasting veggies

Heading home a lot later than planned, where does the day go? I had an eye on our driveway, expecting a large parcel from an aunty I didn’t want to run over it if it had been left in the carport as parcels sometimes are ……. there leaning against our letterbox was a rather large express parcel…. I’m sure aunty said she’d sent me something almost 2 weeks ago, no way that was express …… Parking the car and grabbing my trolley (no 2nd trips for shopping here) I went and retrieved the parcel. it had a fragile sticker of the back…. reading the Return address, it was from a certain little Bird …. of course a text message was sent and the reply Denied all knowledge…..I had Ice Cream melting, and dog hands  from encouraging the dogs to follow me rathe than hang around where the meat was so i proceeded to go through the process of putting the groceries away.

Once I was done coffee in hand, I sat down on the lounge and carefully opened the package …. inside I found the most beautiful Quilt, the Grey and bright Colours are So “US”


And the label, a Belated Wedding gift,  but the most amazing thing I have ever been gifted


thankyou to all of my Friends who contributed

Alley Cat

Red in oz.


Sew Busy Mama



Little White Dove

Nic Wood



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