By beebeejaybee

Back to school

I’ve been thinking about returning to TAFE
it’s been 12 or so years since I last did anything, but lately I’m finding walls technology has changed so much and 10 years working on machines with an average age of 30 years has really left me out of touch
Recently it was decided that I would be “communications expert” for our team being the only electrician on our team and knowing radios inside and out the choice was inevitable
So every little communications issue I get given it, along with a book that a mechanical engineer wrote on how to fault find the circuits ….. yeah that puzzles me too
anyway this week there is one fault that just about everyone has attacked but it keeps changing and disappearing only to turn up at the worst of times
Eventually after ruling out most of the issues, I plugged a computer in….. and the computer says Ethernet
Look up the fault guide…..

step 1 test plugA = <2ohm

no suggestion of which pins to where, no drawing on how to test that,
no talk of special equipment
obvious assumption that anyone using the guide knows what they are doing

so handing the page of the book to my manager,
This makes no sense

I have no idea what I'm doing with this stuff, I need to learn about it I haven't studied data

I'm hopeful, that work will put together group to make a class, but I'm also concerned that they will put together another piecemeal how to course that results in no official qualification

so on looking up the website, and finding that the course is actually quite cheep in comparison to others, I have a few weeks to contemplate and attempt to gain exemptions before starting

to say I'm quietly freaking out is an understatement as I'm sure completing such a course whilst still working shift will put strain on the family and being a 3 year course will I still need it in 3 years?


One thought on “Back to school

  1. If it helps… I went back to TAFE ten years after I finished high school to do a diploma of business. Then, I ended up at uni three years later – took me ten years to complete a double degree, but I was working full time for half of it and had two kids in the second half of it! I’m using my arts degree now (no fries with that, either!) and changed jobs away from the one where the commerce degree was of use.

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