By beebeejaybee

That day you realise you have NO girl clothes…. or…. your wardrobe is looking much like your mums

So yesterday was Mothers day…..Yay

Breaky in bed etc etc etc though my original theory of the child doing mothers day stuff at school being adequate for Gifts seems to have backfired as the school did nothing apparently 

and so we arrived at time to go out, since moving here we have had every mothers day at the fancy restaurant in town which contrary to what Jeff believes I feel requires some form of dressing

apart from that, I live in Jeans a t-shirt, going out is my chance to wear crazy heels I can’t walk in and a pretty dress ….. or for that matter any dress

so after the obligatory showering and whatnot, I picked out my pretty floral navy dress and the bolero that goes with it put it on and headed down stairs

“you wore that last year…. and the year before”,”I don’t get that jacket thing it makes no sense it looks like is shrank in the wash”

Sigh boys and fashion… back upstairs found a plain black number, which reminded me terribly of his mums choice in clothing, not unfashionable, looks great on her, makes me feel 50 odd unless I pair it with a pair of these or something just as fabulous

but those I can’t walk in as I don’t practice enough

on returning home I started looking online for something nice and somewhat dressy dresses…… and got lost in all of the prettiness …….. but what DO people wear out these days that would suit my Squishy curves? How much do I actually want to stand out from the crowd? How can I get away from my mothers and mother in-laws style when I virtually share their shape

Perhaps I just need to practice some more in those crazy heels get a little more active and eat a little better before making that final choice


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