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It’s a what???

Generally I love my job, I love working with my hands and working my brain

but this last 2 weeks has really brought home one little fact…. we don’t get public holidays.

Don’t get me wrong we are compensated for this very well with time in lieu and penalty rates, but unlike some of my friends a “short week” is meaningless, public holidays like today are not a source of excitement over a long weekend more a glance at the roster to see if I’m working it calculations as to how to squeeze as much into the day as possible or what we’ll do with the extra $

In my previous role which was almost the same but the roster was bigger there was either a draw or it was decided by line/start time who got the public holiday off, we worked a skeleton staff……. now we work “Lean” which almost means constant skeleton staff, public holidays are for catching up on repairing minor faults and so all hands on deck are required

luckily this fortnight I have taken both weeks leave so get the advantage of 2 public holidays plus more with my family but I still don’t get the discussion of a “short week” as it’s still 7 days long


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