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Oh to be “Just” a mum

Sometimes I dream of taking 2-3months off work, just to be a mum.
Miss came home from school complaining that “everyone” goes to after school sport. It really hit me how much she misses out on because we both work and can’t take her, sure other parents offer but it feels like they already do so much and with the child seat rules ….. well…..

Recently I received an e-mail from after school sport, they were going on an excursion to a trampoline park….. just rip my heart out

I dream of the little things, helping out at the school where possible, being a more active part of my community

some days I dream of having time and energy to bake fun school snacks from scratch
to help the child with her homework without being frustrated from my own day and being irritated with her inability to follow instructions
to have a tidy if not clean house, somewhere where we can have random guests without feeling conscious of the unfolded washing, unfiled paperwork, and unwashed dishes
I dream of having a healthy lifestyle, we live in the best place for it, no home delivered kebabs/pizza/Chinese for us, I’m working on this anyway but to get up and have a sit down breakfast Together would be the ideal start to the day

unfortunately I know if I did this, the house would be the same, our life would be the same, I’d just become a hermit and miserable and grumpy because what’s the point in starting anything if it’s only for a few months

and so I stick with a week here a 2weeks there and only really being present on some weekends


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