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Kick the bucket 2014 : newfound WIPs

so a few days ago whilst searching through my kits for something small and fun to stitch while I waited for the next instalment of the Once Upon A Time sampler, I stumbled across a few almost finished objects, I have no idea why I failed to complete them but there there were.

first up was an ice-cream cone card, only needed the ice cream part completed and mounting, I completed the ice cream that night and mounted it in the card this morning,

the other was a Tie postcard, I’m willing to bet was started with the intention of giving my dad that Father’s Day I finished that during yesterday and mounted it last night, it will go with one of those old Father’s Day stall favourites in September thinking the comb in a felt pouch, or maybe something involving a hanky since dad no longer needs to comb his hair (#2 cut all over) must do some research into that

so here they are finishes 2 and 3 of AJ’s challenge

 photo 8F028379-3AE3-40B1-B690-A3E8B87EBBF7.jpg


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