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A Rainy Day of not much to do

Actually I have plenty that needs doing, But it is raining, so much of what needs doing cannot be done, besides it’s nice to be snug and cosy indoors on rainy days while doing as little as possible.

So I decided to go through all of those cross stitch kits I have, as I have been browsing and browsing all of the lovely PDF patterns available, but really can’t warrant buying them, or more supplies right now

in the process of deciding which little stichy to start I realised I had a number already partly completed….. apparently starting of new projects before the old one is complete is a common theme for me and has been for a very long time, possibly Life Surprised smile

so the rest of the day I think will be spent finishing some of these off and hopefully mounting them, perhaps I can throw them in with the Kick the bucket challenge as these would have been started some time between 2004 and 2007


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