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An Organised Life

One of the big things I dream about is having myself organised enough that

  • I am almost never late
  • I always have a plan for “lunch”
  • I’m never looking for clothes in the clean washing basket
  • Random visitors aren’t an issue, (Tea and biscuits anyone?)
  • We know what’s for dinner in the morning not 20 minutes before bedtime

One of the biggest hurdles I have is Shift work, most organisational people who focus their advice on the stay at home parent or 9-5er will say simply shift your day around to suit your shifts……the theory is good, if you do one nightshift in every 4 or so weeks, or permanently work one shift, but what about people like myself who work alternating days and nights of varying hours with the odd Afternoon throw in, and lets not forget 3 weekends in a row of 6 are worked

To have a set plan for each week to run smoothly on my side of things, Jeff and miss have the week pretty down pat for them I’d need at least 7 individual routines

So in favour of not doing that, I’m trying to aim for changing habits instead, the first being to not Dump my dirty clothes on the bedroom floor, and to put folded clothes AWAY. I really don’t understand why it’s so hard for me to do. Really, in the past week since I removed 2 and a half bags of clothing from my wardrobe I have found, even if I dump the clothes on the floor at night,  it’s not that hard to pick them up on the way to the bathroom in the morning, Work has now started to provide a laundry service which again limits the amount of washing, and I can get away with the same set of clothes for a week which makes this new habit a lot easier to maintain.

My next aim is to make “Lunch” for work so far I’ve managed probably 3-4 days of the last 6 with one being filled with Mi Goreng from the vending machine and the other with our standard Saturday Mexican, I’m happy with buying lunch once a week, though once a fortnight is much better

The aim after that is to start meal planning, some dishes for Jeff to cook some for me to cook, probably 7 menus in all on a rotating basis based on a 5 day week for most part with the weekends left to wing it a little

We can tackle the rest once the first few are set up and running, for now, I’m happy to know I’ll have clean clothes and food when required, as you can see we really aren’t breakfast people as such, which is interesting considering I grew up with a sit down cooked family breakfast most mornings.


2 thoughts on “An Organised Life

  1. I shift work a few days a week…and I find planning meals ahead of time, cooking extra and freezing them helps me. Washing/folding/putting away I can keep on top of….its the rest of the housework that gets pushed aside.

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