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Getting Serious about Kick the Bucket 2014

to start with I really wasn’t too serious about this challenge, I grabbed a list of WIPs in my head typed them up and left it at that

I far I have completed my 2012 Designer Mystery BOM

now I’m starting to look at what else i have that needs completing and what is required to do that

so here goes

My Quilt camp 2012 Quilt


  • It requires
  • Backing which I may have some fabric for
  • Batting
  • Quilting
  • Binding,I’m thinking black to offset the bright





The Spotlight BOW (Krysta throw)DSC01027


to tell the truth, I love the yarn but really not liking the throw, I’m thinking to frog the lot and turn it into a granny throw, or make the one from the joining squares Craftsy class






12” Random blocksDSC01030

this requires

  • Sashing (possibly Navy blue)
  • Borders
  • Batting
  • Backing
  • Quilting
  • Binding


Vintage Vertical Stripe, BlanketDSC01031

At the moment I can’t actually find this, I’m sure its around someplace anyway, last i remember it was around 1m wide,I’m aiming for 2.5 –3

perhaps a few years yet….. if I find it







Hand StitchedDSC01032

This was a course that was meant to be finished in 3 months or so….

I still need to

  • finish my storm at sea blocks
  • complete the Applique sections for the borders
  • complete the diamonds for the borders
  • complete the embroidery of the medallion border
  • make a decision on the final border
  • Quilt the lot

I’ve taken the step of storing it better so I’m only carrying around the bits I’m currently working on not the whole project, I’ve lost some of the papers for piecing the storm at sea so need to print those, my current priority is getting them finished


Clothing for meDSC01029

I have decided it’s time to remove the blinkers on these… reality is they are both too small, dreaming of finishing them when they are more likely to fit is no longer an option….. out they go





Dear Jane

DSC01028This is my seriously long term project, I’m not exactly sure how many blocks I’ve done but I believe there are still a good proportion to go, i would like this to be my remaining project for next year… or the year after, once I get rid of the weight of too many WIPs





Chunky Basket weave Scarf


this really just needs some more time, once it is finished  it will be very warm






Fairy Bag


Many years ago, I collected one of those magazines, you know the ones?, first issue only $2.99 then every issue after that is $9.99 ….. yeah…… anyway, I really enjoyed the magazine, I made some of the cards provided but for the last 7 or so years it’s sat around tucked away in a box, potentially never to see light of day again….. until my latest project (which is another post entirely) inspired me to pull the box out, seeking threads and I found this little bag I’ve been attempting to put a fairy on, I had some plan to create a number of decorated bags for shopping



Three Bears House


this is my inherited WIP, Mum was originally going to make it for my room…. she completed the embroidery , I sewed baby bear together, I’m not sure I love it but I feel it too special to just let it languish never to be finished, I may complete it and put it in the gift box because… Dear Family Circle… even little girls an white cushions don’t mix well




New Designer Mystery BOMDSC01034


So after last years experience, I signed up again….. this year isn’t going so well, 8 months in and I’ve completed 1 block it’s technically not old enough for kick the bucket but I’ll just throw it in there any way, I may find myself Joining Mum and her “Bestie” (I shudder at mum using the term but she likes it) in their monthly sewing sessions, I’m not particularly blown away by the colours this time round they are a little country for my style, but it will be a lovely quilt once it’s done


I’m sure I have many less than certain other people do, but then I’m also very restrictive on what I buy and when, I have so many hobbies and so little time, I’m trying to start organising things a little better so I can have more time more on that later I guess


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