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Kick the bucket Challenge–Finish 1

way back in April 2012, A certain group of friends of mine, discussed doing the Fat Quarter Shop Designer Block of the month, Sure I said, briefly considering the finances, weighing them with the time required ….. then went ahead and ordered the kit anyway

sometime in June or July the first block arrived, they were occasionally assembled on the day but mostly languished around the house, awaiting attention

12 months later all the blocks were finally assembled and borders attached , it stagnated for a few months while I figured out how to quilt it, thanks to a craftsy class I took on quilting BIG projects, on your small machine,

it sat on our dining table for another 6 months, while I occasionally quilted a design from the Free Motion Project on one or other of the blocks, then eventually the borders and sashing….. the boy is very tolerant

finally over the last few weeks I have been Binding, again on and off, it is after all the middle of summer, eventually I started taking it in the car, and doing a bit on the ferry here and there, finally yesterday, my first day off after 9 days working in a row, I put in an all day effort in front of iView punctuated by naps to finish the 1/4 or so of the binding, come 6pm it was in the wash, 9 it was in the dryer, and we went to bed before pulling it out, this morning it was still damp so I gave it another spin, and then



and it has already been used, since I felt after making the bed on a rainy day it was a good time to take a nap, nicely snuggly


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