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I believe there is one real negative to our moving to woop woop….. my dislike for being in places filled with people has tripled,

People are Sooooooo noisy, like a flock of parots bedding down for the night, jaberjaberjaberjaberjaberjaberjaberjaberjaber

Louder and louder, then quiet before returning to full volume again and I just want to walk, How hard is it to walk in a straight line, keep left, stay OUT OF MY WAY

we went to visit nan today, we stopped at a nearby shopping centre for lunch first, it may have been the severe lack of caffine in my system, or the small voice from the back seat that NEVER stops, or perhaps the nagging feeling that I wanted to finish quilting today or that burying myself in my computer and not talking to anyone in an attempt to zone out and snapping at anyone who interupts my zoning is no longer acceptable. I don’t know

I tried my very best to be on my best behaviour I may have been snappy and irritable all day, I may have been just tired and grumpy….. but I Know that hundreds of people in a windowless semi underground shopping centre is not at all a good thing


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