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Hooray for weekends

it’s going to be hot today, not as hot as it was in Melbourne but hot

we’ve slept in for a while, it’s nice not to wake up alone, though the poor boy has been laying awake for the last 4 hours because he promised he wouldn’t have anything he had to do early in the day
he actually does have stuff to do and we have places to go or something

I dragged myself up and went to make us coffee……. there are only Decaf pods left 😨 so I suspect we’ll have to make a run to Aldi sometime today

my aim for today is to finish quilting that quilt and then maybe make a couple of bandanas for work….. damp bandanas keep you cool and in general prevent my bump cap from getting stinky , it’s amazing how smelly a persons head is when they wear a hat 4-5 days a week


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