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Kick the Bucket WIP Challenge

after last year being a little light on on the crafty challenge stakes I spotted Miss Doves post here which in turn lead me to AJ’s post here

thinking it’s the sort of thing I really want to focus on at the moment, I really don’t need more projects right now but I have plenty that need completing

so for me there is

  1. Vintage vertical stripe crochet blanket, originally intended as a Kombi blanket, now just aimed at Mr 6ft something tall, who like his ears and toes covered at the same time
  2. Vintage modern BOM 2012/13, currently at quilting stage
  3. Hand stitched is currently less than one year but come time to work on it will be at least one year, (nothing like bending the rules)
  4. Dear Jane, probably won’t finish but leave it here anyway
  5. Spotlight BOW crochet blanket
  6. Basket Weave chunky scarf

I’ll probably find more, perhaps I should print a list and hang it some place

if you’re crafty and you have a few WIPs a year or so old head over to AJ’s antics and sign up


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