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New year new plans,

Welcome to 2014

this time 6 years ago I was sad and alone in a hospital with a small baby, not really sure what to do with myself, surrounded by various medical staff constantly trying to get me to change my mind on the chemicals they wanted to give her just in case she had an issue

this year was the first year i wasn’t working either new years eve or new years day or both…. I was fantastic, two full days in a swimming pool for miss, considering she only does the swim school provided by the schools as part of a government scheme. she’s come along amazingly, we spent much of our time, diving for rings, I think next time I will get some other diving pool toys and a set of goggles so her eyes don’t get so sore

SO this year I have High hopes for myself, I’ve signed up for Tough Bloke in June, I’ve been working on my upper body strength in the gym, I want to bring myself back to focusing on losing weight, in the last 5 years I’ve been below 80kgs for approximately a week, this year I want to achieve 75 at least though 72 would be awesome, even better would be fitting into my Dragin Jeans and the new girly bike jacket that The Boy convinced me I deserved which currently fits but is a little tight to ride in

so this week I will again start body trim, it seems the easiest system, starts with a few days of protein only then add in vegies, it’s not totally unlike the dukan diet which started with a week of protein only then alternated that with days including vegies. Party season is over so I should be able to manage with just a little preparation

My other aim for this year is to finish quilting that quilt, it’s not far off, I just need to do a few borders then add the binding. then I’d like to start on some clothes or something I haven’t made an clothes for such a long time and I now have quite a nice collection of colette patterns which, I should start using i would so love to have old style slacks and pedal pushers in place of jeans and shorts

I’d also like to become a little more organised put things away, have homes for things that don’t currently simple things like that

I know I’ll struggle with these things, I always do but I guess the seed is planted I have a new diary to keep track of everything , i can do it if I try


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