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One of ‘those’ days

You know those days when so may things just don’t work right?


Yeah today was one of those……..

First I got up late I realised after my alarm went off I should have set it earlier to catch the train,

I boiled my eggs for breakfast in the car, threw them in a plastic box put the box on the roof of my car while I unlocked it and threw my other thing in… then drove off…… no eggs for Belinda today

Driving to work I was delayed by a major accident, a big truck on the wrong side of the road hit two cars, blocking two of 3 lanes during Peak hour

about 10 minutes from work a strange warning light flashed up, “I haven’t seen that one before” I say to my self, ENGINE MALFUNCTION SERVICE NOW says the car, Pffff, not on this road I wont, I’ll call the mechanic when I get to work 

100m later the engine stops, I get it restarted, move 100m and it stops again, this time there’s no restarting

enter Panic mode……..

Call NRMA …. up to an hour and a half wait for a tow to a safe location Surprised smile, but because I;’m blocking a lane on a major road, around 35 minutes……. most nervous 35 minutes ever, SERIOUSLY PEOPLE, I have my HAZARD lights on, coming and stopping behind me isn’t going to make me move, honking your horn isn’t going to make me move, driving fast towards a stationary car is a stupid idea

tow truck turns up, we do a lap of the suburb, looking for a vacant parking spot, eventually finding a 1hr parking spot outside an RSL club, 15 minute wait for Mechanic not too bad in a nice quiet spot like that

Mechanic plugs his computer in no fault showing in that, tests a few points here and there, then starts asking about fuel, I mention it want empty empty but also wasn’t full…… $20 worth of fuel and 10mins trying to start … maybe a little less but still…. BRRRRUmmmmmmmmmmm

got to work 2 hours late, still finished at the earlier time Smile

on the way home, it was windy, so so windy, a tree sized branch down on the road, many traffic lights blacked out

was planning to hit the Gym but when I got there the owner opened the door, as my tag didn’t work and said I could come in and train but all the cardio was out of action … not fancying weights in the dark, and having planned on interval running on the treadmill, went on my way

another tree down, local RFS attending

Past the last Woolworths, a line of traffic, another tree I figured …. half an our later a lovely lady from RFS tells me there are power lines across the road but all other roads are open the long way to where I want to go

Got home not much earlier than I would have on a later dayshift start Sad smile


I’ve made myself a blue drink to cheer me up, was aiming for margarita but we ran out of triple sec so I used blue curacao …. its a little sweeter but still a good citrusy flavour


30ml Blue cruacao

30ml Lemon Juice

60ml Tequila


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