a little much confidence

On Monday at the wake of  uncle, my cousin who is also an electrician and does phone repairs on the side, spotted my phone with its cracked screen.

“you know”, he says”you could fix that, just buy the bits of eBay and look up YouTube vids, its easy as


so I got home and picked out the bits for mine and the boys phone….. the temptation to go with custom bits was incredibly tempting but I ended up getting what I thought I needed for around $50 including tools, new glass for both, new dock connector,speaker/mic for his, new home button for mine

it just got serious

it turns out, despite the video on the eBay page showing you can change an iPhone 4 glass just pull off the LCD screen and stick it to the new glass…….. it doesn’t work that way, my LCD split and the liquid came out…… I swore inside my head

I have emailed the people I bought my glass off and they are happily willing to give me a refund, and I’ve ordered a new front assembly for $10 extra from somewhere else as they didn’t have any,

so until at least Wednesday my phone is in this state 😦


I’ll consider doing the boy’s when I get mine back together, all the videos for his show the LCD is attached with screws and the other bits are pretty much screw out screw in


one good lesson from this, even a $60 replacement part you fit yourself is less than the cost of a new phone, cheapest bits can lead to more work and potential for headache


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