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get out there and spend spend spend

Remember a week or so ago I was talking about the blue mountains, fires, and the media

well it turns out those media reports have had a massive detrimental effect on the Economy of the city within a national park, people saw the images and heard about the “Megafire” and the “300km wall of fire” terms the RFS never used only the media and assumed the whole region was burnt out and started cancelling their plans 😳

Now the time has come, the fires are out, that Flooding rain has started and the business people of the mountains are ready to be of service

we are going for a day trip this weekend, to scenic world, for $88 a family of up to 7 people, 2 adults and up to 5 children can ride the scenic railway the cable car and the skyway as well at enjoy the “scenic walks” all day

I’m hoping we can stop at Leura for Lunch, just because it’s fun to say, and I’m pretty sure they have great cafés there …… coffee at Leura just doesn’t have the same ring to it

I’m also hoping to squeeze in some geocaching, I’m trying to up my numbers for the mega even in South Australia we are going to next year, I’m so excited, I’ve never been south of the border before, The boy is trying to be excited, he knows I really want to go but really I think he’d prefer to do the Queensland theme parks …… next big holiday I promise I’d really love to do one interstate trip a year at least until miss in in high school when time off if required really will matter, but then perhaps we will be able to afford to fly making the time required shorter

anyway, back to the blueys we’re also hoping to get time to shoot across to bilpin and buy some fruit direct from the orchid…. it’s likely to be a huge day…. perhaps we should start at bilpin and head the opposite direction…..or maybe make a weekend of it?


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