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sometimes, what a girl wants isn’t really what a girl needs

For some time now I’ve been coveting  one of these


What does it do??? …. EVERYTHING, or at least that’s what the makers and satisfied customers would have you believe

I dreamt of creating  these delicious dishes, just with the push of a button



Reality, the honey chicken and the risotto are the only items completely made in the thermomix, the others still require time in the oven, which means preparing and washing dishes, on top of that, it takes roughly 5 mins to prep for an egg pie which bakes (i.e. leave it to do its thing) in roughly 30, so almost no time would be saved, also our meals look a lot more like this


note these are not our actual dinners, the images are stolen from pintrest, as are the thermomix dinners

as you can probably see, salad and meat, salad and meat, cooked veg and meat, the most time consuming bit being the chopping of the vegetables for cooking, or slicing of cucumber and tomato for salad, as our lettuce usually comes pre washed in a bag, jut tip onto the plate ad, quke and lettuce and the meat you were pan frying as you chopped and arranged vegies (I eat my meat blue, any more than 2 mins each side for a thick piece and its overdone)

what brought me to thinking about this reality versus wan well this FB post by a friend

Thermomix owners – hit me with your favourite/go to meals and other goodies you make with your thermie – in need of some inspiration. At the moment I seem to be rotating; risottos, carbonaras, soups, cakes & biscuits and pizza dough every week. Need some new easy family meals and more.

almost every thing she listed we don’t eat, not because of difficulty of making, hey I can buy premade pizza bases and pasta sauce at the supermarket but because we try to avoid grain based dinners, slightly failing right now, but still we only really have sandwiches the odd stir-fry , and a Dutch/Indonesian dish that my second mum recently gave me the recipe for that use grain base.None would have time saved by a machine as you do many simple steps concurrently, for example roughly chop meat and veg soak noodles while stir-frying meat and veg, ad noodles to pan stir roughly and serve, though I tend to put noodles in bowls for the boy and the girl then add stir-fry mix to three bowls


3 thoughts on “sometimes, what a girl wants isn’t really what a girl needs

  1. I keep looking at a thermomix, and as soon as I realised I’d still actually have to *cook* the stuff, I figured I’d just keep my fancy mixer and food processor and invest the money in a seriously awesome oven. We too mostly go the three or four veg and some kind of meat for about 80% of our meals, and the rest tend to be pasta (cook the pasta and make the sauce at the same time) or pizza (I make the dough in the mixer while I chop the toppings).

    The last ‘recipe’ I cooked (a Jamie Oliver one), afterward, I worked out that I just needed to use the v-slicer/mandolin (now *that* is a time saver… potato and onion slices for the BBQ, perfect every time; same with making scalloped potatoes. Also good for chopping onions and tomato, and slicing the veg for stir fry – and a good one will set you back about $70-$80) and a mixing bowl and I’d get the same result with less dishes!

    1. Yes my mandolin slicer used to get quite a workout should drag it out more often, I’m a little in love with recipes when I have the time to fiddle

      1. Actually, the best cooking thing EVAH was getting a Weber Family Q. And it *still* cost less than a thermomix! The Bloke is excited because he can whip up a roast in it, he cooks pizzas in it, I’ve cooked chocolate puddin’ and bread in it… All as well as cooking the meat. I refused to even turn on the gigantic six-burner man barbie that we had before, but I will quite happily use the Weber. (Still can’t cook chops though – kids have asked very nicely that I never do that again)

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