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There is a time and place for everything

recently I bought a body trim package off a neighbour, who found she was unable to start due to health issues, the first 3 days are a carb detox, looking over the basics of the program, it fits well with how I believe we should eat , basically meat and vegetables minimum grains, minimum dairy (I can drink black coffee but prefer not to)

I was planning to start Monday, I watched the video, psyched myself up, ready to go….. then Monday came around, I was on night shift, I hadn’t eaten since 10pm it was now 430am, I was un prepared, reality I had a tub of protein shake in my locker but didn’t have time to go and get it, I foraged in my car on the way past finding $3 straight away, grabbed the parts required and stopped by the vending machine for a $1 Kirks and a $2 Twix.

Instant cure for feeling quite ill and grumpy, within a few minutes I felt a little human, artificially awake, but still somewhat human

the rest of my day didn’t quite workout either, all of the meat in the house was frozen and all of the pans dirty so I grabbed a muesli bar on the way out the door to the gym, then one of my favourites, a pork roll from a bakery near where I went to pick up an eBay item we’d bought the day before the only meal that really fit with the idea of a carb detox was the plate of lamb chops for dinner….. but that was accompanied by a couple of serves of scotch an cola

today started better, 2 cold boiled eggs for breakfast, which had somewhat burnt as the pot had boiled dry , one for midmorning snack….. then i realised all the pans were dirty and everything was frozen again..and ooh look wine ……

so new plan it is, Thursday is payday, Thursday I stock up on the needs for the following 3 days, Friday I officially start strict protein only for 3 days, picture my pockets filled with bars or boiled eggs or baggies of cold meat , three days later I’ll be overjoyed to hit the salad and veg…… I perhaps I need to wait on the state of mind to catch up with what the head wants…… perhaps I should eat some concrete and grow some will power

my goals are fairly simple, I wish to reach size 14-16 in by the end of the month and be a 12-14 early next year, my ideal would be to be around 75kg though 72 is always my major goal with 68 being the “recommended” weight for my height


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