By beebeejaybee

Geocaching, A power trail

yesterday, I did this


took my pushbike for a ride, and found 43 of 47 Geocaches along the Windsor Road Power Trail, the actual trail contains 62 Geocaches, ranging in size from very tiny containers to large recycled SPC fruit Jars, by the time o got to #46 I’d had enough, was slightly shaky and had run out of water and possibly hadn’t eaten in 3 or more hours so I had to turn around, stopped at the servo I probably should have stopped at when I went past the first time, filled my hydrapak with Power aid grabbed a Bounce protein ball and headed back to the car, it was a nice day out just me, my two hand held GPSs (one mounted to the bike the other in my pocket) and my bicycle. I realised later that I’d missed a couple of spots with the sunscreen, despite paying extra attention to around the sleeves, I forgot around the neck, the back of my arms and the spot where my shirt pulls up exposing a little of my back, bet that was fun to be behind, luckily the path isn’t all that busy on a wednesday


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